A network of community-owned publications powered by blockchain & AI

Co-op and earn by building valuable content assets together: start an NFT publication around your expertise, invite A-list followers to invest and join as members, co-create and optimize content assets with AI tools, and earn money with token-gating and access passes

How does it work

Ideate with AI

Brainstorm with other members using AI bots and decide which ideas will be produced and funded

Co-create & optimize

Utilize hive mind creation and AI curation to create valuable content on any topic and optimize before publish

Scale & Earn

Publish 10x more content, tokenize it with NFT access passes, and see the publication's earnings skyrocket



Launch an NFT publication and give crypto rewards to potential contributors to leverage and grow your content assets. Sell membership tokens to your top followers on social media in return for voting power, access to private channels, and perks

2. Generate content ideas with AI

Contributors can use AI bots trained on marketing and SEO best practices to turn their focus keywords into engaging content ideas based on top-performing Google content and submit them for consideration. Hebrew and English are supported

Monetize Your Content Expertise With Community Owned Publications​
Monetize Your Content Expertise With Community Owned Publications Test


Brainstorm with other members and vote on which content ideas should be funded, produced and distributed via the publication channels

4. co-create and optimize content

When content ideas are approved, they become collaborative projects. Team members can collaborate and optimize their content before publishing using AI curation tools

Monetize Your Content Expertise With Community Owned Publications

5. SHOWCASE, EARN and share rewards

Turn your project’s contributions into rare digital assets that are only accessible to paid subscribers with token gating. Contributors can also earn money through tips, shout-outs, and content licensing

Built by creators for creators

Our vision is a modern publishing model that aligns the interests of owners and creators, while delivering great content to subscribers


A Vested Community

Tokenization of content assets creates vested interest among community members, who are holders of a stakable and tradable token that can yield profit


Automatic revenue distribution

Integrate contributors in the smart contract that will automate the payout 


Tradable Membership NFT's

You can trade NFT membership tokens on the blockchain and earn money for them